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Santa is not the only busy worker in December

Completed December 1, 2013

December was a really busy month here at Wraap (BlueprintNottingham).

Santa would have been proud of the work rate, plus we were all really good boys and girls...

So first up was a Landrover Defender, which we wrapped in the owners company branding!

Talk about standing out from the crowd! Secondly was a little beauty by the name of a MINI Roadster, which we wrapped satin black and then applied gloss branding to stand out!

Third of our Christmas tresures was a Black Aston Martin that we wrapped Gloss White... Thats my kinda Winter Wonderland!!!

Click here to view finished pics.

Thats us signing off for the year! Happy Christmas and we wish you all an even Happier New Year!!!

2 x Volks Transporter wrapped matte black

Completed November 9, 2013

We have just wrapped 2 brand new Volkswagen Transporters in a matte black vinyl. Mean...

I could have been Bumblebee from Transformers

Completed October 15, 2013

So we've just wrapped an Audi R8 in Chrome Red for Superman and now we have a Bumblebee from transformers wannabee...

We wrapped the R8 in a gloss yellow vinyl, leaving some area's black! hence the Bee reference... I like it!

Click here to view the wrap.